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Philosopher Aristotle wrote that “our ancestors left us the knowledge in the form of myths”.
We got inspired by the myth of Icarus and we traveled to Samos, Patmos, and Icaria!!

In pension “Agriolykos” at Therma of Ikaria, in the welcoming place of our fellow traveler Emilia, we listened to the Truth of that myth. We became Icarus ourselves and we flew with our wings to Heraion and to Pythagora’s cave in Samos, to the monastery of Saint John and to the cave of Apocalypse in Patmos, to the sanctuary of Dionysus and to the temple of Artemis in Icaria. Knossos and Icaria!!! Strong bonds of Wisdom/Love!!!

We became ecstatic inside the sacred cave of Apocalypse!!!
We swam in the sea of the Aegean, we bathed in the natural warm springs, we smelled the scents of the place, we sang and danced in the Icarian feasts!! In the plane going home, we sang together a popular traditional song, as an hymn:
“In the Aegean, come out to see
in the Aegean’s islands now Angels are flying,
And in their flying, come out to see,
and while they are flying they spread roses”.

Beloved fellow travelers, we are joyful, we work and we move ahead to new journeys where Love, which is Knowledge, leads us!!