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Free seminars from Stegi of Welfare and Excellence at the premises of A&M Kalokairinos Foundations


in the context of delivering its purpose for interventions and actions that contribute to the formation of a better society, participates voluntarily in the program of A&M Kalokairinos Foundations that consists of activities promoting education, culture, and social responsibility.

A circle of seminars by STEGI OF WELFARE AND EXCELLENCE, started Saturday Nov 9, 2019 and they will take place every Saturday at 15:00 in the room “Odysseas Elytis” of the A&M Kalokairinos Foundations.  Τhe seminars’ overall theme is: “LIFE, A JOURNEY IN SELF-AWARENESS” and they are developed and delivered by the psychologist Maria Terzaki.

A group of 33 people is already attending the seminars for free. They responded to the call of the Foundation for voluntary contribution -for those who can- to enforce the Actions of Basic Goods Provision  Teams (Common Meals “ Food with our Love” and Social Grocery store ), which support individuals and families in financial struggle and social exclusion.

You may find the location of Kalokairinos Foundations in the map below: