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with the completion of the Conference of STEGI WELFARE and EXCELLENCE

FREEDOM is required by humans, and is possible to be conquered!

A poetic event entitled “The new Erotokritos, the epic of the soul” was presented. It was edited by the playwright, Dr. K. Halkou, and the costume designer Mrs. A. Machairianaki. Based on excerpts from the work of Vizenzo Kornaros, P. Prevelakis, and a poetry effort by friends of STEGI. The actors are friends of STEGI.

The path of Eros from the physical field, to a field closer to the divine!!!

The second section was dedicated to the Greek Revolution of 1821. We recalled the historical memories of the struggle of the Greeks to be liberated from the Ottoman Empire through the historical texts. D. Solomos from today’s point of view, Rigas Feraios, A. Korais, and K. Palamas inspired us and raised questions to us as Greeks at the beginning of the 21st century.

The EDUCATION, the VISION, the UNITY, the need for a LEADER, lessons of the fighters of 1821 for the Greeks of the FUTURE!!

In the third section, we traveled to the past, to the most glorious era of Greece. We were delighted by the Word of the Greek Philosophers as they talk about Freedom and they indicate to us how to conquer it!

VIRTUE as it emerges through the Ancient Greek Philosophical Thinking, leads to FREEDOM, FREEDOM is BLISS, BLISS is BRAVERY, the paeans of the ancestors sound. Today, in 2021, we finally hear them.

Their melodies are inspiration and action for the GREECE of the FUTURE!!!

A theatrical analogy, edited by the playwright Dr. K. Chalkou and with costume design by Mrs. A. Machairianaki, entitled “HELLAS”, played in Odessa in 1819 in a play by the Greek Intellectual G. Lazanis in order to inspire the Revolution of 21, shocked us and inspired us, to envision OUR HOMELAND, the GREECE of the FUTURE, FREE from any tyrant, Internal and External!

The Conference ended with a glorification in FREEDOM by the CLASSIC CONSERVATORY OF HERAKLION!!!

We acknowledge and thank all those who contributed to the design, organization, and implementation of our Conference. THE COMMITTEE “GREECE 2021”, the REGION OF CRETE, the CULTURAL and CONFERENCE CENTER OF HERAKLION. The communication sponsors of CRETE TV, NEA KRHTH, and other invisible heroes. The FRIENDS of STEGI of WELFARE and EXCELLENCE. All those who attended and conveyed to us the joy, the emotion, the confirmation, that in the foggy landscape of today, VIRTUE as it emerges from the ancient Greek Philosophical thinking, leads to FREEDOM and creates Higher, Wonderful, EXCELLENT works that become beams of light and penetrate into the Greek reality!


* The full or partial reproduction of this text by electronic, photocopying, or any other way is prohibited, without the written permission of the author Maria Terzaki.