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OCTOBER 28th 1940 – OCTOBER 28th 2021

OCTOBER 28th 1940 – OCTOBER 28th 2021


“Onward! with upright mesuranian, the torch of Freedom,
you are paving the way Greece, for Human! Onward!
Onward and Greece stood up and banishes the darkness.
Humanity arise and follows her! Onward!”

We used to say: Another twenty-one! And you finally came, Mother – Day, who embraced and raised the entire past to its highest redemptive purpose, to its supreme moral Historical Rhythm!

Oh justification of all Greek fights! Oh supreme moral turn in the chaos of the whole World!

And with it, oh gigantic, full historical debilitation, from which, ..Victorious, the Greeks, we will start tomorrow, pioneers of the spiritual regeneration of the entire earth!


Oh Day – Mother, who has broken fully and to the utmost, all our hidden inner chains! Oh world-historical Freedom, so deeply longed for! There you are! We own You! We feel You! We want You! And may we all hold You, in the immense height that You revealed to us from the dawn of the Τwenty-eighth of October 1940, and until the end of the ages, whether we live, or, tomorrow when You will shine Your gigantic light over the whole planet, we will be in Your wombs, Oh Mother, immortal dead!”.

(19-12-1940, Angelos Sikelianos) – unofficial translation

The years passed, The history faded. The poet’s voice distant. The exploits of our soldiers at Argyrokastro and  at Korytsa were forgotten. The grandfathers, who told us about them, are no longer with us. The figures of the women of Pindos come to our memory as if from a fairy tale. Today we commemorate the anniversary by honouring our Greek conscience and our heritage.

Today we honor our Greek conscience, by expelling the enemies that have nested within it. The enemies are not limited today only to just another state. The enemies begin in our minds and souls. Enemies to PEACE, to FREEDOM as Internal states of the Greek, are ignorance and fear. The NO, relevant like never before, is requirement in order to free ourselves primarily from our ignorance and fear. Inspired today by the anniversary, we recall our Greek conscience and we observe its enemies. We shout, NO to ignorance! NO to fear!


* The full or partial reproduction of this text by electronic, photocopying or any other way is prohibited, without the written permission of the author Maria Terzaki..