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“Love has come, love has come, in our soul it has entered…
here is the love of the Greeks, love has entered our hearts.

In the flowers in the plains and in the Universe.
Brothers of the Greeks, the Loves of the Greeks.
Love has come, love has come, in our souls, the love of the Greeks has entered…”

From the work of G. Markopoulos “The Orpheus Mass”, Unofficial translation

The star of Christmas brings Love again this year! We decorated the Christmas tree, we beautified ourselves and we welcomed it (Love) into our hearts!  That Bright, Shining, and Wise as it is, it intends to lead us to the brilliance and wisdom of ourselves. As long as we choose it.

“…friendship in itself is noble…
Aristotle (Nicomachean Ethics)

In Greek thinking, Love is friendship. Philo = Love, hence Philotis the Universal force, according to Empedocles, that calls all creation to its return to Love. What Plato would call divine Eros, which calls every deluded bound to the sight of the Virtuous, of Love in his own existence.

Love for the Greeks is the very essence, the meaning of life, the completion and the purpose of human life. It is self-realization, as Carl Rogers, representative of Humanistic Psychology, will tell us. “In order for someone to reach self-realization, the image of the ideal self must agree with the actual behavior and self-image. The disagreement between the ‘ideal’ and the ‘real’ self can cause dissonance, which in turn can cause some kind of psychopathology.”

“Love is the fruit of virtue. When malice multiplies, love will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12), Apostle Paul will tell us. The VIRTUE is the unhindered journey of the soul, its good motion towards its nature, while malice is the bad motion that takes the soul away from its nature, Plato tells us in Cratylus. Virtue is the path that leads us to “AGATHON”, to LOVE as it is recognized and experienced in the mind and heart of the Creator. It is the choice, the responsibility, the work and the duty of every person, white and black, poor and rich, educated and illiterate.

Love is the actualization of Love itself. It concerns everything within creation with its highest version of self-actualization, the human.

Oh! Love, for centuries people have been waiting for you, expecting you to come and find them! Inspire us this Christmas to acknowledge that You are here, but we are to move towards You, and that in our hearts and minds we acknowledge You. How shall we find you if we do not seek you where you live…? to the light out of light within our souls…?


Note. This article touches infinitesimally on major fields of knowledge. Aiming the skepticism.



* Featured photo: Annunciation | Andrea del Verrocchio & Leonardo da Vinci

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