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Spring 2023. EASTER OF LOVE

Oh! Love, Divine Eros, daughter of Heaven and earth!

You have the beauty and sweetness of the Angels, the beauty of Aphrodite! Many years ago, you were walking the earth in the company of the fairies, you were singing in the ravines with the nymphs, you were swimming in the oceans with the mermaids!

Airy and joyful, you were becoming one with the flowers, the scents, the sounds and the musics of the earth! You were becoming one with the beauty, the laughter and the joy of all your brothers and sisters, who were living together on this planet, where the Father prepared with abundant care for you, who adorned his children.You were the most beautiful of all His creations. A princess of noble, royal lineage, you were living in the mother earth that was nursing you with the nectar of its fruits, that was perfuming you with the scents of its flowers, that was nourishing you with the ambrosia of the Father who was omnipresent.  You had the wisdom in your mind, and you yes, you were becoming a birth mother and you were giving birth with the help of mother earth and other happy daughters and sons, to be all together one, Children of Love!!!

Spring has always been on earth, because you are the spring! All were alive and death did not exist, because you are the life! Everything was healthy, because you are the health! All had the wisdom, because you are the wisdom! Everything was in abundance, because you are the abundance! It was all joyful, because you are the joy! Everything was peaceful, because you are the peace! It was all in creation, because you are a creator!

However Love, the snake deceived you, Hades envied you and he took you with him to the underworld of your soul. All gone. In your soul, the light has been replaced by darkness, the wisdom by ignorance, the Love by fear, the abundance by scarcity, the health by sickness, the peace by war, the joy by sorrow, the life by death, the creation by arrogance. You were confined as in a prison. Huge walls were erected before you. Sleeping beauty, you fell into oblivion. You were waiting to be freed. Many have tried in many ways to wake you up. In vain, though. You would hear ONLY the voice of Sister Love.

The mother earth fell into grief at the loss of the daughter. The flowers were no longer blooming, the leaves were falling off the trees. The air did not smell nice. Conquerors captured its beauties. Blind people were stumbling around with each other, they were hurting and she was hurting. Nails, the pain in their hearts. Egos their names. Crucifixion their experience. A bitter pain overwhelmed the broken soul of the earth, a dark veil was thrown over her shoulders and like a hawk she swooped over land and sea in search of the daughter Love. Nine days… centuries passed in sorrow.

But when the tenth day came, the light-bearing dawn, the earth received a message from the Father through the messengers. I heard the cries of daughter-Love for freedom as she emerged from the depths of my children’s souls, I felt the vibrations of your aching soul, he stated. The time has come. Love will be set free. The sleeping beauty wakes up! The Resurrection of Love has come! EASTER OF LOVE! And then… silence spreads over the whole earth. Her soul felt the message! Everything is silent to assist in the awakening, in the resurrection of the sleeping beauty. The swallows fly undisturbed and they sing! Nature is cleaning! The noises cease. Girls decorate the fear epitaph with wreaths. The sounds in the churches are lowered, so that the hymns of the angels can be heard. Minds are silent. The Father’s providence! Feel the coming of Love within your own soul. There lies the sleeping beauty. There is the altar where the Resurrected Love will stand!!!! Love has returned to earth again! She invites everyone to the Resurrection. Break down the walls to reveal the altar, so that Love may find it cleansed and rise up!

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” (according to Matthew’s Gospel).

Note. This article touches infinitesimally on major fields of knowledge. Aiming the skepticism.

With Love,
Maria Terzaki

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