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2nd Conference of the Stegi of Wellfare and Excellence: “Peace Treaty, the International Law of Virtue”

The Association of Greek Literature and Arts for Welfare and Excellence

in the context of its activities aimed at promoting self-improvement and self-knowledge of human, according to the standards of the ancient Greeks, “Know Thyself” and, on the occasion of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne, organizes on Sunday 7 January 2024 (starting time: 10:00 a. m.) a Conference entitled:

«Peace Treaty, the International Law of Virtue»

The Conference has the honour of being held Under the Aegis of the Region of Crete and will be held at the Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion, in the hall “Andreas & Maria Kalokairinou”.

The proceedings of our Conference are divided into three parts:

In the first part, the speakers will present the historical elements of the period of the Greek-Turkish war 1919-1922, the aspects of the Treaty of Lausanne, the phenomenon of war and the causes of war and the efforts and struggles of the people for peace. Thinkers’ Requests for peace and proposals to achieve it will also be unfolded through the speeches and they will be put up for reflection. Finally, the Humanism of the Ancient Greek Philosophical Thinking will be pointed out as a proposal in the perspective of achieving peace.

In the second part, the theatrical performance entitled “Peace as Virtue”, in dramaturgy and direction by Mrs. Katerina Chalkou and scenography & costume design by Mrs. Anna Machairianaki, strengthens the proposal of our Conference, that the perspective on Virtue brings about inner Peace as ” Know Thyself” and outer Peace as a “Social Good”.

The audience will observe the entrenched views on the phenomenon of war of the people inside the cave (allegory of the cave), the anxiety and the concern of the youth as they observe the war but they are limited to the perspective of sighting peace without decisively contributing to it.

The children, who recognize the citizen Trygaeus, who is transported in our performance by Aristophanes’ play “Peace”, who leads them towards the perspective of peace. In the end they all work by Virtue and bring the peace!

Participants are Friends of STEGI of all ages.

In the third part we will praise Peace in our minds and hearts, Peace as the brotherhood of all people. With us the Vocal Ensemble “Phonodia” under the direction of Mr. Ioannis Idomeneos and Ludovikos Ton Anogeion.

* The program will also be livestreamed on our YouΤube channel.

See the invitation of the Conference:

See also the detailed program (in greek) of the Conference:

See also the detailed program (in english) of the Conference: