Philosophy was mainly developed in Ancient Greece and it started as an abstract and theoretical research for the Truth by the pre-Socratic philosophers.

The new element, which Pythagoras brings in the Greek way of thinking, is the conception of Philosophy as way of life. He did not leave us any written documents. Socrates talked about Ethics and he suggested this way of life. Plato wrote down Socrates’ dialogues.

Later on Aristotle transforms, with his amazing ability, the experience of the average person in philosophical theory. The two philosophers, Plato and Aristotle, made a mark with their work not only in their era but in all following centuries until today, as their ideas influenced all newer philosophers, who on their turn founded principles that contributed to the evolution of humanity.

The trend of “Philosophical Psychology” is growing rapidly in recent years all over the Western World and it directly turns psychology- that is the study and the esearchresearch of human behavior- into Philosophy.

We study the texts of our ancestor Philosophers and we are in the process to recognize and  to understand our self and to experience its highest version.