08 Jun: VIRTUE as EROS

A small village spread out on the edge of a small hill and the fields around it, they were the world of little Electra. At school her mind was “opened” and she committed to herself that she would always study to learn! The melodies of the church whispered to her that she would always make sure that her heart would be filled with this unspeakable serenity and love!


04 Mar: Meanings and Actions from the 2nd Conference of STEGI of WELFARE and EXCELLENCE

At the end of the 2nd Conference of the “STEGI OF WELFARE AND EXCELLENCE”, We WRITE DOWN with emotion Meanings and Actions.
The opening of the Conference was declared by the deputy regional governor of Crete, Nikos Syrigonakis, who pointed out the importance of the Conference for the intellectual and cultural upgrading of society, as pointed out by those who participated and welcomed the work of the Conference.


15 Nov: Alexander the Inspirator

When we were in school, we were told about Alexander the Great, a Macedonian general, a great conqueror who managed to expand the borders of Greece to three Continents.  Alexander was placed in the “limbo” of our teenage minds and sporadically in his memory, we feel a pride for our ancestor.


14 Apr: Spring 2023. EASTER OF LOVE

Oh! Love, Divine Eros, daughter of Heaven and earth!

You have the beauty and sweetness of the Angels, the beauty of Aphrodite! Many years ago, you were walking the earth in the company of the fairies, you were singing in the ravines with the nymphs, you were swimming in the oceans with the mermaids!

Airy and joyful, you were becoming one with the flowers, the scents, the sounds and the musics of the earth!