• Cultivation of skills and abilities such as observation, concentration and critical thinking, expression of feelings, recognition of moral values, healthy prototypes and empowerment of goal-setting.
  • Cultivation of sense of harmony, order, beauty and value of creation through their contact with art.

These are factors that contribute to the mental maturity, the psychic resilience, the high performance of children in school and the overall development of their highest potential.


Daily educational programs – visits at the premises of «Stegi of Welfare and Excellence».

Courses on Excellence

Today, Greek pupils do not develop fully their potential and talents. There are those who reach high levels of achievement in school by getting good grades, but this does not impact positively other areas of their life like their relationships with other people and their personal happiness. Beyond the target of high achievement in school, they are called to aim in the creation of a stable character, a healthy personality, and high levels of happiness. All these are achieved only if they rise to their highest potential.

This is exactly the purpose of our educational programs in “Stegi”, to contribute to the growth of pupils to their highest potential. 

They are addressed to children of primary school. They are implemented in cooperation of “Stegi” with Cretan Hagiography, in coordination with their school, planned as a daily visit at our premises.

The children watch videos with content related to Greek Civilization and Folklore Tradition, which has been developed by the educational team of “Stegi”. Themes derive from our country’s history from ancient years till today, Mythology, Literature, Religious Tradition, etc. Following, there is a discussion on the topic.

The pupils can also participate in one of the following workshops: painting, hagiography, silver and gold-smithing, wood curving, mosaic, or to visit the exhibition of “tools and objects of life in the villages” of the past century and to be informed of their use.