EXCELLENCE PROGRAM "Always be excellent..." - Homer "You have the brushes and the colors,
paint a Paradise and get inside"
- Nikos Kazantzakis
"...Ι am not interested in the origin of the citizens,
nor the race they came from,
I distinguish them with only one criterion, their virtue..."
- Alexander the Great
You can do whatever you want, as long as you want it .
Wherever there is a will there is a way.
- Aristotle

“…Your children are not your children,
they are the sons and daughters
of Life’s zest for Life.
They are created through you,
but not from you.
Though they are with you, they don’t belong to you.
You may give them your love
but not your thoughts.
Since they have ideas of their own.
You may try to look like them, but do not try to make them like you.
Since their souls abide in the home of tomorrow
that you are not going to visit, not even in your dreams.
Since life does not go backwards,
neither follows yesterday in its way.
You may offer a roof to their bodies
but not to their souls.
You are the arc from which
your children, like living arrows,
start to move forward…”

– Chalil Gibran


* Τhe program is addressed to children and adolescents.

For the ancient Greek way of thinking, excellent is considered he/she who demonstrates his/her supremacy with words and deeds. This kind of supremacy comes from:

  • Saneness ( I reflect upon  and I recognize the meaning of the words)
  • Prudence ( Ι recognize the True values)
  • Bravery ( I re-discover and I adopt the Greek way of life. This way of life that knew how to  bring the Christian light of love of the crucified Christ into the apollonian element of life) and
  • Sacredness (zest for life, love, knowledge, joy, nation, family… ).

in other words, this is the apprenticeship in Virtue.  

According to Aristotle, Virtue is distinguished in 2 forms. The mental Virtue that is cultivated and it grows with teaching and the moral Virtue that consists in putting the theory into action. Our work is based on these principles!

“We see the sun because our eyes are made of light” Plotinus said and Goethe repeated. Thus, we love that which is Excellent, the Virtue, because are made from the perfect being and our purpose is to lead our way towards a better and virtuous self and a better society in general.

A society of excellent people, a society of meritocracy, thus a society ruled by values, as the ancient Greek literature and Greek Tradition have inherited to us!!!

Excellence is an original program of emotional and social education, which has as target to contribute- in a direct and dynamic way- to the connection between school performance, building of character, individual happiness of children and adolescents and to furnish them with Virtues for long term benefits in their lives.

Specifically, it promotes self-discipline, goal-setting for apprenticeship, motivation, self-confidence, psychic resilience, communication with others, cooperation at school, planning, persistence, inner power and calmness.

* A prerequisite for children of primary school to attend the program “Excellence” is one of their parents to attend the program “Welfare” of Stegi.