A long journey in search of answers on key existential questions, that started from the years of innocence and continues till now, the teenage dream of a better world, the papyruses of the past and the books of today, from Homer to Freud, the experiences of life, the work, the experience of inner freedom, the gifts of the journey, the vision of sharing those gifts with other people, the fellow travelers who verified the value of the journey, all that led to the creation of “STEGI OF WELFARE AND EXCELLENCE”.

STEGI OF WELFARE AND EXCELLENCE aspires to become a place where children and adults –by recognizing their True self- they will celebrate the ideal of coexistence. And, through ‘we’, they will create “good deeds” which will become a ray of Light and they will penetrate today’s Greek reality.

TERZAKI MARIA in lifelong education
– Graduate of ATEI – Department of Structural Engineering
– Graduate of Athens University ( NKU) – Department of Psychology
– Retired OFFICER Hellenic Air Force
– Educational and Teaching adequacy qualification from ASPAITE/EPPAIK
– Αhens University ( NKU) training in “Cognitive- behavioral therapy”
– Athens University ( NKU) training in “People with special needs –Training and education”


The purpose of “STEGI OF WELFARE AND EXCELLENCE” is to promote Knowledge and the Arts at the service of human Welfare.

The broadening of the human spirit with ideas, interventions and actions that aim at forming a better society.

The promotion of Literature and the Arts of Ancient Greece, as a means  of developing self- awareness, education of the soul, edification and growth of children and adults to their highest potential.

“STEGI OF WELFARE AND EXCELLENCE” in order to serve the above purpose:

  • Designs programs that support mental health and improvement in quality of life in general.
  • Organizes seminars, conferences, symposiums, lectures, presentations, educational- training programs.
  • Designs and carries out educational and recreational programs, seminars, lectures on Ancient Greek Literature and Arts.
  • Designs and carries out programs for special education of children and adolescents in order to help them reach their highest potential.
  • Organizes exhibitions, artistic performances and happenings, movie screenings and other shows, educational, artistic, recreational and cultural events in general.
  • Organizes educational-recreational excursions, camping and vacation in model camping places.
  • Carries out scientific research and plans activities that support the art of “WELFARE” in general.